Saturday, February 28, 2009

All day Friday!!!!

Can you say noisy!!!!!Luckily we were gone all day.
Can't wait for this to be done and get some quite neighbors!!

Torrie's 1st track meet :)

Joel waiting for Torrie to race :)



Torrie racing in the 2400 meter.

Torrie came in 6th out of nine and got a ribbon.
Her 7th grade team placed 2nd in the meet!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is what we've been up to!

Jake getting his Wolf badge!

Jagger enjoying the sun shine:)
My hair salon.

Jake's 1st soccer game.
Go Thunder!!


The house next door is starting to be built. Lots of early morning noise:(

Jagger in Landon's toy. I think he likes it.

Landon came over to play with Jagger.

Jagger with his binky:)

Jake love the Long Horns!
Go Texas!!!

Jake turned 9 on Feb. 17th.

Jagger wearing his hat from Great Great Aunt Manila!

Allie, Jagger & Landon @ Lets Jump!!

My Dannon baby!

John teaching Jagger to drive. You can never start to early. haha

Torrie & Jourdan friends from church racing in their last race of the season:)

Ice storm NO SCHOOL!!!

Aubrey playing with Jagger & Allie.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Better late then never!

I wanted to make sure that I got a picture of Jagger on Feb. 2nd so when I remembered that I had not taken one at 10:00P.M. that night I woke him up to get one. ( I know what a mean mom :))

Jagger was 4 months old on Feb. 2nd. He is getting so big! We really enjoy having him in our family. The kids love to play with him and help me take care of him. He lights up every time one of the kids is loving on him (it is so cute). We love our little man:)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Meeting Teagan!

Jagger & Teagan met for the first time. They are 1 month apart. (1/22/09)

The Tomlinsons came to Texas! (part 1)

Fort Worth Stock Yards JR & Jagger on a long horn, not to often you get to see that.
JR & Kaden

The cows being herded down the street at the Stock Yards. (1/23/09)

The Tomlinsons came to Texas! (part 2)

Fort Worth Stock Yards My handsome young man JR.(our oldest boy.)
My sweet baby Jagger Gus. (our youngest boy.)

The babies riding horses.

Lindsay & I with our babes. They are one month apart.

JR as a cowboy. (he had been sick all week so he got to go with us to the Stock Yards.)

JR doing the human maze at the Stock Yards in Fort Worth.

Torrie & Teagan. She is such a good helper with all the babies.

Jake & Teagan! Jake loves babies.

Front row: Jake A., Payton, Adrion, Kaden, Jake H., Briana & Joel.
Back row: Avery, Jagger, JR, David, Torrie, Teagan,Austin & Landon.(Parker was sick and the Waites weren't here yet :()
Landon 5 months, Jagger 3 1/2 months & Teagan 2 1/2 months. (1/24/09)

Gpa Joe & Gma Diane with Teagan, Jagger & Landon.

Jagger & Landon playing at Gma Diane & Gpa Joe's.

Heather & Landon, Lindsay & Teagan, Amie & Jagger.

Grandpa Barney & Grandma Breezy with 3 of the 4 new babies Jagger, Teagan & Landon.
We had a great time visiting with the Tomlinsons. (1/26/09)

Torrie's cross country meet!

Torrie & her friends waiting to get started.
Jake, Jagger & Joel waiting to watch Torrie race.

Let the race begin!

Torrie came in 67th out of 200. Her team took 2nd over all :)