Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Our stocking are hung on our fire place with care.
Our children are nestled all sung in their beds. Jagger





In hopes that Santa stops here in his sled.


Candy, Candy and more CANDY!!

Thanks to The Lee Family we have lots of candy to keep us hyper:) Mom said that we have to take it Gma and Gpas on Christmas to share:(

Monday, December 22, 2008

Lots to do little to say!

Our last week has been busy not only with what the kids are doing, but I have been doing lots of hair as well. As for John it's work, work and more work. Here is a little look into our week. Extreme Home Makeover is doing a house on the street just behind us.
Torrie went to the build site with her school on 12/11/08. The show will air on 2/15/09.

We had our ward Christmas party 12/12/08. Santa came and JR took the picture. He was to old to see Santa:(

Extreme Home Makeover site with the boys. That was a fun build to watch.12/13/03
JR, Joel & Jake

Jake had his Christmas choir concert on Monday 12/15/08. He did a great job!
(Jake has on the white shirt & red tie.)

The tree finally went up on Tuesday 12/16/08 better late then never:)
JR, Joel, Torrie & Jake

Torrie's 1st cross country race!

Let the race begin. Torrie came in 75th and her team took 2nd over all. Torrie and her friend Geri getting ready for their cross country race. 12/17/08

We made Christmas cookies on Friday at my moms house. It was a lot of fun! 12/19/08
(Mom, Gma, Aunt Kathy, Heather, Emma (my friend) & I)

Great Gma & Gpa came over this afternoon to do Christmas presents. Jagger was asleep, but he got an outfit from Gma Breezy & Gpa Barney.
Grandma Breezy and Grandpa Barney gave the big kids Christmas pillow cases:) 12/22/08

Jagger went to the doctor today 12/22/08. He weighs in at 12lbs 6oz and is 241/2in tall. He is getting so big and we love to see his smiling face everyday.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The passing of a friend, wife and mother.

Amie, Heather, Jill & Cammy.
Looking for the Time Capsule.

Cammy, Jill, Jessica & Kali (back row) Amie & Kristen (front row) Lady in white shirt, I have no idea.

Jagger's 1st airplane ride. 12/06/08

Jagger and I went to Washington to go to the funeral of good friend. It is still hard to believe she is gone. Our heart goes out to her family. I am so glad for my knowledge of eternal families and my membership in the church. I know that Heather Marchant is in a better place and her family will be blessed with the love of our Savior.

The funeral service was very nice and you know she touched the lives of many by how full to chapel was.
It was nice to get talk about old times and memories we all had with Heather. We all loved her dearly.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jagger is 2 months today!

Jagger in his christmas stocking. My mom made him.

Our little baby.
Jagger is such a happy baby. We are so blessed to have him.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving has come and gone.

On Wednesday we started getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner Torrie help with the rolls while I took care of Jagger. We also made the pies, cooked the sweet potatoes and chopped the celery and onions for the stuffing. The boys just wanted to play video game, so we let them.

Torrie and I finishing the home made roll for tomorrows dinner. We had fun in the kitchen together.

Us enjoying the usual snacks before dinner.

John saving me the drippings to make the gravy.

John did a great job cooking the turkey.Not only did it look good it tasted good.

Just setting down to have dinner with our family.

And we all enjoyed the pie!