Monday, April 27, 2009



A pocket knife: $53
Two stitches in your finger: $25
Ten days of antibiotics : $10
Three matchbox cars: $4
A ice cream cone from McDonald's: $1
Getting your 1st pocket knife from your DAD: priceless!
(pictures to come later)

Jagger's 1st modeling session!

Jagger was a model for a friend of mine who is a photographer. It was so much fun! Jagger did a great job and she got what she needed. You can see his pictures on her blog @ or on her web site @ (click on galleries and then on little squirts) Hope you take a look they are so cute!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A look into the late 80's early 90's
OK,so I'm about to date myself. In 1990 I went to the NKTOB concert with some friends, we had front row center seats! I was in love with Jonathan and wore my suspenders backwards and a black hat to the concert. My room what covered with pictures form teen pop magazines and I even had some books about them. Lame I know, but at the same time I was in love! I still have my shirt & magazine from the concert. At the concert Donnie threw his drum stick into the audience and now I am the proud owner of it & a Donnie doll to go with it! Sick I know!! Anyways THEIR BACK!!!On July 17th @ 7:00 will be my 2nd NKTOB concert! I plan to wear this shirt to the concert if it fits me!lol
Not sure if this summer concert will be sold out!

Babies, babies everyhwere!

Our babies of 2008 together at last!Teagan 5 months & Jagger 6 months
Teagan 5 months, Jagger 6 months, Landon 6 1/2 months & Allie 5 months. We had taken so many pictures that day all the babies were done!!!!

Aunt Amie & baby Teagan:)

Jagger loves to play with the tags off his clothing.ha Cheep entertainment
Teagan came to play at our house while Lindsay & I gave Mom a hair makeover! We had a great time letting the babies play with each other:)

Jagger stats @ 6 months!

Jagger Gus 6 months old :)Being the youngest of 5 you always need to be ready to fight!
I took this picture right before he fell over.haha
He is not quite sitting up but working on it.
Jagger weights 15lbs 10oz & is 271/2" tall. He is getting so big. He loves to talk & play with his sister & brothers. When Dad comes home from work Jagger is all smiles & loves to hang out with him :) I wish he would start eating solid foods & not act like he is going to vomit when they touch his mouth. haha We love our little man!

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